by Ideology

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Debut, self-titled release of Minnesota Prog Metal band, Ideology.


released August 19, 2016

Music: Mike Salow
Lyrics: Wesley Berger
Production: Wesley Berger and Ideology
Artwork: Nicholas Leiferman

Ideology is...
Drums: Charlie Engen
Guitars: Mike Salow
Guitars: John Whitaker
Bass: Luke Ibach
Vocals: Wesley Berger



all rights reserved


Ideology Minneapolis, Minnesota

Ideology is a progressive metal band based out of the Twin Cities in Minnesota.
For fans of Periphery, The Faceless, Protest the Hero, and Between the Buried and Me.

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Track Name: Oxygen (feat. Hedras Ramos)
To you, it's just another day in the routine.
Go on and make it what you need it to be.
You're gnawing off the ends of my heart-strings,
How I put up with this confuses me.

To me, this is the last of all the straws you could pull.
I hope you understand this is a revolt!
No more confinement; no more reign over me!
It's about time for me to break free.

I was never in this for your approval.
There was no part of me fed by your system of abuse.
Your propensity to create violence...
it was only ever spared by the lushness of your youth.

Today marks the beginning of my freedom.
I've ascended and I'm breaking my chains.
You can't say or define my worth.
I guess your opinion lost a bit of weight!

There's a better story out there waiting to be written.
It starts with this first page.
It's one with no conceivable ending;
forged in forgiveness but fueled by inconsolable rage.

Though I know these walls are sick and blackened,
still with some hope they just barely gleam; forward do they lean.
And this is the first breath I've ever taken!
It's the first time e'er my eyes can see who I'm supposed to be!

Kneeling there, I received a revealing stare
shining through the sun.
He told me that: "There is so much more,
What on Earth are you waiting for?
Leave this all behind my son and run. Run!"

I'm learning how to breathe again;
inhaling this Oxygen.
I hope this moment never ends;
exhaling my regrets and my sin.
I'm looking onward.

Now I wake from this dream I've been in.
The nightmare has come to an end.
It's finally over!

Lyrics by Wesley Berger
Track Name: Inhale (Attritionmen)
Trapped in these dreams with blinded eyes,
I muffle my screams.
Born into these lies, the pain on which I depend,
I scream in hope of the day it finally ends.

Voices moaning, gnawing at the fringe.
Searing familiarity rises from within.
Grasping to claw myself out from this hole.
Unbroken by the devastation of my soul.

These ancient terrors unforesought
Had found their way back through ill got-ten
Portals freshly opened dripping
With her sin forever gripping

On for dear life, is this real life
Sick and tired of Hell transpired
Under her skin, shall I begin
Climbing high'r or face this fire

Is this safety here on solid ground,
Drowning in this "odyssey" of fear I've found?
I can't stop myself from falling faster.
(It's) Ripping free the seams of my reality,
You don't have to believe, but this fear's still real to me.

Somewhere, over the horizon,
I see a smoking sun
Deprive the thirsty ground.
Someone, feeding of of my momentum
Believes that she has won
Forgetting there's one final round.

(It's) Ripping free the seams of my reality,
You don't have to believe, but this fear's still real to me.

Lyrics by Wesley Berger
Track Name: Exhale (Patefaction)
Life rages on outside the walls of my mind.
I refuse my fears, break my silence.
They'll hear as I call to the skies,
"This Earth-life yields lies!"
So I cling to my will and no more lie still.

I try to swallow all the lies I'm sold,
Forcing consequence below,
But guilt is close in tow.
Can I procure full understanding through
Dreams of truths I never knew
to know what I must do?
Endlessly repeating, it all turns to grey,
Showing me another way.
I know my debt is paid.

You wanna be part of this?
Come forward and kneel,
But don't try to justify the life within the blood you've spilled.
You wanna relinquish death?
You too can be saved,
But don't sit alone and wallow around
In the debt that's already been paid.

Your debt IS paid!

Your eyes, they never left mine,
And my being remained whole amongst the tide,
And I remember now....
That's where I died.

Lyrics by Wesley Berger
Track Name: Bliss
What is the value of a life
If hate in solace lies entwined?
Is it just another off the assembly line?
Can it be saved? Renewed?
Refined by the blood of its own kind?
Dare we apply a love divine?
What will we find?

Your new rebellion forged in fear
Can't even hope to persevere
Through raging tides of war
Eclipsing all we hold dear.
As our untimely end draws near
Past and future disappear
Burning away the filth and doubt til the truth's clear.

You will be taught to serve a man
Who reigns with corruption and fire in his hand,
But turning your gaze away
From false glory to the ongoing story will set you free.

Where do you draw your power from?
What motivation lets you carry on beneath such weight?
Did you expect to get this far
Or is it predetermination that fulfills your fate?
Every step nearer to the light
Strengthens the shadow left behind as your past repeats.

You're only on against 10,000 of the very best.
Can you explain to them all how you'd set yourself up
For this seemingly inevitable defeat?
But not to worry, take my hand and follow me.
The tides are turning
'Bottom-Line' philosophy will fail us surely.
Man is falling, how can't you see?
The sky is burning.

Many will warn of its power.
Many more will have cursed its name.
Fear approaches as a vapor.
And waits longing to be set aflame.

We will rise up on Eagle's wings,
Heal that which is broken at any cost.
To put an end to what greed brings,
Restore and recover what has been lost.

Are we safer now on solid ground?
Can we be saved?

Lyrics by Wesley Berger
Track Name: Eyes Up!
Crafted ineffably in the light.
Conscripted by fate, as it were, to face an evil beyond sight.
Keep your light close and your sanity closer as you fight.
The darkness below longs to mock you as you die.

These cryptic warnings of an ancient masquerade
Alter our perception of our unprepared state.
Are we an entire civilization in denial? No!
We won't be mystified by memories of our Golden Age.

It lurks beneath that shell,
Prepare yourselves for --------------

Ill-experienced flesh and whim
Entranced by the sorrowful songs of victory's all-rewarding call.
Dressed in your ignorance, you lack conviction against him.
The husk of your soul will appease him as you fall.

I look to you, my brother, my ward, my tie to life.
I was not strong enough to save us, to make us survive.

I am not through with you yet. You will know fear.

I will have my due revenge, I will lead you to your end.
I will seek, reveal and ignite inquisition's light.

Lyrics by Wesley Berger